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Early Childhood Group Meeting, Date: May 13, 2013

Early Childhood Group Meeting, Date: May 13, 2013,
Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM, Location: Shiprock Branch Library

Participants (See Sign-in Sheet): Flo Trujillo, Farmington Public Library; David Florez, Farmington Public Library; Gayle Bost, NW NM First Born; Ana Strand, NW NM First Born; Regina L. Morgan, NNMC Health Promotion; Laurinda W. Draper, CCSD Career Prep HS; Victoria Mason, CCDF Shiprock Childcare Center; Carmen George, University of Colorado Denver; Delora House-Charlie, NNMC Health Promotion, and Winifrey Redhouse, VISTA CADRE, Shiprock Branch Library.

Welcome & Introductions
BB Literacy Event PowerPoint Presentation – Laurinda
Partnerships – Univ. of Colorado, First Born, and March of Dimes
LANL Foundation – Ana and Gayle
Folic Acid Campaign - Laurinda
Partnerships – EC Group
The group meeting started at 10:10am and David welcomed participants; reminded participants to sign-in and pick up handouts (agenda, powerpoint presentation, and “blog” home page).
David Florez, Teen Zone (Youth) Program, Farmington Public Library.  Shared “Blended Zine” Magazine – publication for teens by teens.  Local students submit art work, articles, information on different topics; youth from/in San Juan County.  Magazine distributed at local high schools: Farmington, Kirtland, Shiprock, Career Prep, and Newcomb.
Laurinda Warren Draper, Director of GRADS/Childcare Center, Career Prep High School – started working with program in 1995.  Career Prep HS serves teen parents (students who are pregnant or have children); teens want to continue their education, school provides childcare services for their children.  School program also serves student parents from Shiprock, Kirtland, and Newcomb area.
Carmen George, Director of Oral Health Project, University of Colorado - “Happy Healthy Teeth Project” is an four-year project; works with 52 Navajo Head Start center-base programs, preschool-age children from 3 to 5 years.  Education, screening, prevention on Oral/Dental Health to children and parents.  UCD completed first two-years; recruited children, conducted education to children and parents, and provided screening.
Victoria Mason, Alchini Nizhoni Childcare Center, NNDOSS CCDF (asked to attend meeting by Malinda Notah, Supervisor).  The center opened in mid-March and located at Dine College in Shiprock, NM.  CCDF uses curriculum to promote Navajo Language and Culture (children learned numbers, animals in Navajo).  Serve families with children from six months to age 13 (after school program).  Center has two classrooms.
Ana Strand and Gayle Bost, Home Visitors, NM New Mexico First Born Program, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Foundation.  First Born is a home-visiting program for women pregnant for the “first-time” and first-time families and their newborns.  Children are recruited before two-months and followed until age three or until parents want to stop program.  Provide services to families (Spanish and Navajo speaking).
Gayle – NW New Mexico First Born Program being managed by LANL Foundation; they received funding from the Kellogg Foundation.  First Born is not a new program; been around for about 20 years, program started in Silver City and sites in Rio Arriba County.  To date, 16 counties in NM have program; newest are San Juan and McKinley Counties.  Key is home visits with families/parents of first-born, first-time child.  Serve prenatal/pregnant women to children up to age 3.  Topics include pregnancy, parenting skills, etc. – goal is for healthy outcomes for child and mom; family.
Programs and services “overlap”; similarities among programs. Literacy is very important, recruit for FPL summer reading program – students or children who are literate are better students, continue reading throughout summer. Don’t lose what they learned through school year.  Register children for reading program; read 15 books throughout summer, get t-shirt at end of program.  Childcare workers read to children regularly; it counts, can count for reading program. 
Literacy Event held in early April – Illustrator of Navajo Baby Books visited sites in Shiprock, Newcomb, and Farmington.  On first day, Ms. Blacksheep visited Career Prep HS (AM) and Dine Bi Rural Library (PM).  On second day, she visited PAT Program at Rocinante High School and Childcare Center at San Juan College in Farmington, NM.
Marquee located at entrance of CPHS – “Welcome Beverly Blacksheep”; staff developed flyer – very nice and colorful.  First hour for children in childcare center and their parents (GRADS students).  Second hour open to local early childhood programs (PAT, FACE, Head Start, CCDF, Pre-Kindergarten, and guests).  CCDF donated fruit (oranges, bananas) and water; NNMC Reach Out and Read donated books, FPL/SRBL sold board books, and OYD/ BGC had table with activities.
Feedback from Malinda Notah, CCDF Supervisor - CPHS went well; children received free book and snacks.  Suggestions - use microphone, some people couldn’t hear (microphone was set up but wasn’t used by guest; Ms. Blacksheep naturally had “soft” voice).  Invite other programs, invite public.  Promote other programs (immunization, health).  Maybe event or activity could be a little longer.
Dine Bi Rural Library – went well, children received free books, space and set-up was good.  Suggestions - schedule event in morning instead of afternoon; invite other programs, promote to public.  CCDF wants to help with future event.
Carmen George – Univ. of CO Denver “Happy Healthy Teeth Project” completed second year; recruited and worked with 52 Navajo Head Start center-based programs.  Four year project, finished second year.  Intervention to half of group (children from 26 CB); education on oral/dental health provided by Oral Health Specialist.  They also worked with parents – education, importance of brushing, regular check-ups, etc.  They held five classroom activities and 4 parent events throughout the school year promoting oral health education. 
Two years remaining – plan to follow-up with children, parents, families.  Some children left Head Start, now in first or second grade.  Fall 2013, want to do survey either at Head Start or chapter level.  They hired and worked with Registered Dental Hygienist to screen children; also working with NIDCR to collect and assess data.  UCD wants to target children in other early childhood programs - newborns to age 3 (infants, and toddlers). 
First Born Program operating throughout state, over 20 years; and program funded through other agencies.  LANLF received funding from Kellogg Foundation to start program in San Juan and McKinley County.  Target families who become first-time parents having first children.  Start at prenatal, pregnant women; follow children to age 3, make weekly home visits with families, promote growth & development, parenting skills, and use First Born Curriculum – prenatal (1-40 weeks), infant, and toddler.  Promote self-sufficiency – want parents, families to make “own” decision.  Emphasize that communities, families, culture is different – need/important to recognize and work with families.
Recruit families through community programs; no income guidelines, no cost to parents/families. Project would like help from group and programs - knowledgeable about communities and programs; need help recruiting parents/families. 
Laurinda attended a meeting in ABQ in March 2013, she was asked to serve as San Juan County Folic Acid Coordinator.  Identify and serve women of childbearing age and educate on the importance of folic acid.  Working with EFG Graphics to do focus group.  Start with teens on Navajo Nation in San Juan County.  Career Prep HS – hosting first meeting next week (May 23?).  Five individuals from DZ Community School; working with Byron, FACE Program.  Want to assess knowledge about importance of folic acid.
Target women of childbearing age (could range from 16/18 to 40).  Laurinda working with current student parents at CPHS (GRADS Program); former students who didn’t complete school; and former students – not sure where they are or what they are doing.  Refer last group (parents) to the PAT Program (Teri Atcitty).   Comment: curriculum used by First Born was also developed by the March of Dimes.
Flo Trujillo, Youth Services Coordinator, Farmington Public Library – Events, activities going on in the community, being done by group and programs.  “Blog” on FPL Website – posted information about Early Childhood Group.  Flo will be meeting with Heidi, Viewpoint Learning on Friday; also compiled and submitted Progress Report – highlighted activities from group. 
“Parenting Shelf” for parents, community – have educational materials, resources on topics.  Could do at chapter houses, schools.  Topics applicable to prenatal, infant, toddler, preschool, family.  SJC Childcare Center has toy lending library – need some replacement, needs to be cleaned, time-consuming task to organize. 
Resource Table – programs could set up resource table at chapter meeting.  Cudei has chapter meeting in June; want group to participate (set-up resource table and provide childcare service for parents, families during meeting).  At today’s meeting, Chapter official commented that “most kids play outside, don’t have anything for them”.  Group can do activities with children;  read to them, play games, arts and crafts, etc. 
FPL Summer Reading Program – register children, can be from childcare center or day care centers, preschool or kindergarten classes, families – young children can be read too, older children can read on their own, need to encourage children to read throughout the summer, reading very important.
Matrix – FPL/SRBL compiled “asset” map (listing of programs); updated regularly.  Can be used by programs and communities in San Juan County including Shiprock.  FPL website has “Blog” on “Shiprock Navajo Township”, go to and “Like” it, provide e-mail address, and be able to post/download information.  FPL Finger Play Book – updated, includes Nursery Rhymes in English, Spanish, and Navajo.  “Early Childhood literacy is the first step for a better New Mexico!”
“Mission of Mercy” – scheduled for September 13 and 14, 2013 at McGee Park in Bloomfield, NM.  They plan to recruit 1,500 volunteers to help with two-day event.  Offer dental health services free of charge; last year event held in Las Cruces and ABQ, NM.
See handout -
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico – helped sponsored event at Newcomb; recommended by Mrs. Notah, CCDF.  They helped with refreshments, books, door prizes (backpacks, incentives) and set-up booth.  They also want to participate in future events, activities.  In past, they provided nutrition education and literacy (books) for children at CCDF centers; CCDF also partnered with Red Rock Dental.
CPHS invited PAT (500+ families registered); FACE - Atsa Biyaazh attended event; invited Beclabito, Teec Nos Pos Community School; Navajo Head Start – Shiprock attended; and Home for Women and Children. Some programs didn’t have school, some programs didn’t provide transportation – wanted the parents to bring children to event.  Other programs to invite – WIC, Growing in Beauty.  Event held at public school – limited with space, time, and access; consider limitations when inviting public.
Prevention and intervention is needed; parents need to start preventive oral health practices with children at birth.  Shiprock (San Juan County) serving about 200-250 children.  UCD is not enrolling any new children/ families, they recruited 1,000 families for project.  They provided workshop to parents.  Office is located in Chinle, contact info - phone number is 505-612-9931 and e-mail is Carmen.George@ucdenver,edu.  Carmen is from Beclabito, NM; worked with 8 specialists.  Staff will end in late May; some staff may be working through summer to help with enrollment in fall, can give overview of project (working with Principal Investigator).
Recruit children after birth, preferably by age two months, follow child, parents, and families up to age 3.  Goal is to recruit 200 families; Staff includes Program Manager, Home Visitors (2), and set-up office in June 2013.  Staff going through training (curriculum-prenatal, infant, toddler), start operation next month, may hire 3 more home visitors (provide service to Spanish, Navajo speaking families), also hire registered nurse to provide post-partum service, bilingual speaking staff and services to community.  Outcomes – assess programs in San Juan County,
Follow child up to age 3, conduct weekly home visits, visits will be about 45 minutes long.
Feels that some people are passionate about work, group has limited funding.  Programs have been providing “in-kind” support to group efforts.  Flo suggested that future funding go directly to participating site (example: Career Prep HS or CCDF) and they can host event on behalf of group.  Maybe site can host another Capacity Dialogue session or group activity/event. 
Micro grant – grant used for health; funding used to address suicide (Thoreau).
Survey about Suicide, see questionnaire. 

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