Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GATHERING - Monday, May 13 (10am to noon)

Greetings Partners,

It’s been awhile since we contacted the group.  Our last update was on the two-day literacy event with Beverly Blacksheep, Navajo Artist/Illustrator.  We are very thankful to report that the event went well on both days.  We would like to bring the group together to share the highlights of the literacy event.  We are grateful for the support.

Special kudos to Laurinda Draper (and staff), Career Prep HS and Jennifer Nelson, Dine Bi Rural Library for accepting the challenge and hosting Ms. Blacksheep.  Of course, to Flo and David, Farmington Public Library, Northwest New Mexico Arts Council for supporting and helping us!!  Thanks to FPL, CCDF, Molina Healthcare, and ROR for their generous donation; and to the programs who participated.  It was a true blessing for the children, parents, students, educators, administrators, guests, and everyone involved.

We would like to schedule our follow-up meeting for Monday, May 13 from 10AM to noon at the SR Branch Library.  The agenda and details will be forthcoming.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments; please contact Flo Trujillo or myself.  Thank you.

Regina L. Morgan, School Health Education Specialist Northern Navajo Medical Center Division of Community Health Services P.O. Box 160 Shiprock, NM  87420-0160
Phone: 505-368-6298

Shiprock Branch Library
Winifrey Redhouse, Vista Cadre

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