Sunday, April 28, 2013


³  Adeehaniih (Know Yourself) – East – February, March, April, May – Nitsáhakees (Thinking)
o    Introducing yourself (Name, clans, location from/roots, family/occupations/skills/schooling, grandparents
o    Heritage, Grandparents +/-s, Parents +/-s, Siblings +/-s, my behaviors, my dreams
o    What does your clan mean? Strengths
o    Family – Knowing yourself, Where you come from
o    Where your family lives, location
o    K’é, family, relatives, community
o    Clans – Knowing yourself, Parents & Grandparents
o    Clans – know your 4 clans, can be other nationalities/ethnicities/Tribes
o    Teaching our own kids, grandkids about clans
o    We value our land
³  Adáhodilzin (Reverence for Self) – South – June, July, August – Nahat’a (Planning)
o    Learning to respect self, family & community
o    What makes you happy
o    Your words are sacred
o    Sacredness of you
o    Self-respect, self-esteem
o    Self-evaluation, strengths & weaknesses
o    Healthy home
o    Emotional needs
o    Love
o    Revisit and better understand spirituality
³  Adaa’Aháya (Take Care of Yourself) – West – September, October, November – Iiná (Living Life)
o    Navajo herbs, medicines
o    Education
o    Physical self
o    Exercise, nutrition
o    Native foods, livestock, corn, chilchin
o    Listen to your body, in touch with your body
o    Career
o    Care for the Land
o    Hunting
³  Adaa Haa Hasin (Preserve Yourself) – North – December, January, February – Sihasin (Hope)
o    Wisdom
o    Limits
o    Stress management, anger management
o    Lifelong learnings, goal setting
o    Providing for yourself and your family – example, jobs
o    Crafts – beading, weaving, pottery, painting, silversmithing, sandpainting
o    Men & Women Sweat Lodge

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